Refund Policy

As speaking about subscription-related plans, Onetechserve is committed to repay Your amount in case our technicians are unable to troubleshoot even a single issue within 30 days of the subscription. If we have fixed one or more problems, the amount charged for subscription service will not be refunded. However,Onetechserve has the sole discretion to decide on the refund of the subscription fees for Services provided. For incident plans, You are entitled to a refund if the subscription meets the following conditions: Though You had all pre-requisites required to troubleshoot an issue, still the problem was not addressed till the time account was active. If we find Your problem to be out of scope for a particular plan, yet by mistake You were charged for the service. 30 days (7 days for per-incident plans) have not passed after the issue was last worked upon by our technician. Onetechserve makes it clear that we do not hold any information about the credit card of a customer. We will not make any charges without Your permission. You are entitled to shift from a three monthly plan to an incident plan and in that case Onetechserve will accommodate Your payment as per the terms and conditions stated by the accounts manager at that time.

Essential Responsibilities

By availing our Services You agree that: You are the owner of the device You intend to register with Onetechserve and the license holder of the software You have installed in it. Your use of our Services is Your sole discretion. You have complete access to all hardware and software installed in Your device. All details You have provided to Onetechserve (name, address, credit card information, etc.) is correct to the best of Your knowledge. You permit Onetechserve to bill the payment via the credit card details You have provided for any subscription plan You have opted with us 3.2 We are not liable for To the extent permitted by the applicable law, Onetechserve will not be liable any loss of, or will not be held accountable to recover data, programs, or loss of use of systems or networks arising out of our Services. If our technician helps You with passwords and other access control related problems, we recommend You to reset the same as and when our Service session terminates. 3.3 Transfer We transfer subscriptions from one device to another only during the Subscription Period and if You own both the devices. You may not use the Services in connection with a service bureau or any other distributing or sharing arrangement, on behalf of any third parties or with respect to any hardware or software that You do not own personally.

Service Plans

Per-incident plans Per-incident plans address one incidence and fees will be charged accordingly for these plans. They cater to a specific issue or problem in Your device, with a follow-up upon request within seven working days on the same issue. For Per-incident plans, following warranty applies: If we are unable to rectify the problem with Your device, and You have complied to all terms and conditions laid herein, then we would not charge You anything for this per-incident service. You can call us within seven days from the day You first received our per-incident service, in case the problem recurs. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to rectify the problem without any additional charge. If we are unable to rectify the problem, we will refund the fee You paid for the per-incident service. Subscription plans Fees for subscription plans will depend on their type and duration. Onetechserve offers daily and quarterly subscriptions. Exclusion form Services The following are exempted from the Services:. All items and activities that are not covered by the terms of a Plan Order All Services that fall beyond duration limitations of the Plan Order Diagnosis of a problem and subsequent service that got interrupted due to a hardware issue with Your device or equipment, of if we find its configuration beyond our control If we find the software including the operating system and the software added to the registered hardware are out of the scope for the service plan Problems that may and do result from: External hazards that include accident, abuse, misuse or problems with electrical power Problems caused as the product was not used as per the instructions from the manufacture Issues caused due to the usage of accessories, parts, and components that are not compatible with the product Refusal to follow instructions from Onetechserve technicians to resolve a problem e Issues caused due to hardware-related glitches.